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Human Powered Mobile Billboard

human powered mobile billboard

Your Ad Where You Want It

Have you ever considered the cost of placing your company’s ad on the top of a Taxi Cab, up on a Billboard, or on the side of a City Bus? Production costs alone can run into the thousands of dollars. Then the commitment of a long term contract makes it almost impossible for a Small Business to get their ads in front of their potential customers.    

The Ad Shark Press Solution

We have successfully prototyped a human powered mobile billboard. This advertising platform is pedal powered by the rider. Since this ad platform is  based on an adult trike, it can be maneuvered through major metropolitan markets. The attached 40 inch displays are at eye level of your potential customers. Additionally, the integrated ad server is wirelessly connected to the internet which allows for total control of the digital advertising platform. Instant uploads to the display screens from anywhere you are connected to the internet.

How Does It Work?

  · The ad platform rider maneuvers the trike wherever you want to display your ads

 · Upload your ad to the advertising platform through a web portal

 · Using the web portal, you can schedule your ad to play on the ad platform 

 · The ad platform rider will periodically pedal the trike in reverse, which engages a separate set of gears that recharge the attached electrical system

Bike Ad-Vantage

The Ad Shark Bikes are able to travel on the streets and sidewalks. This brings your message to the street level. Think about the number of consumers at sporting events, conventions, concerts, or festivals.  Get your ad in front of your customer today.

Sample Ads

This is a sample of the type of advertising quality you can expect.

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